Former Nutrition Business Journal Leader Joins Silverwood Partners As Industry Advisor

Food Label Compass Created to Help Navigate Food & Beverage Companies through FDA’s Nutrition Facts Label Overhaul

Silverwood Partners is pleased to announce that Patrick Rea has joined Silverwood Partners as an Industry Advisor, further enhancing the firms expertise and experience in the $35 billion U.S. dietary supplements sector. Mr. Rea brings over 16 years experience in the nutrition industry through his work withNutrition Business Journal, New Hope Natural Media and Health Business Partners. Patrick is the founder of HBP2, a firm that provides strategic consulting services for start-ups, high growth and large multi-nationals in, or interested in, the nutrition industry. Prior to forming HBP2, Mr.
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Following widespread skepticism, passive nutrition tracker startup Airo refunds early backers

Airo Tweet

The Airo device, which the company claimed could among other things passively track nutrition, including calories, carbs, protein, and fat, was set to be launched in about a years time. MobiHealthNews noted that many of our readers expressed disbelief that Airos prototype device could accuratelyuse a wristworn optical sensor to detect signatures of metabolites in the wearers bloodstream to infer their nutrition habits. Airo told its supporters that the company received immediate feedback from the market that we lacked the proof that a product like Airo will work as advertised and that we have come to realize that it requires further testing and calibration through more extensive trials before it will be ready for general market availability. The additional validation required will take us some time and, unfortunately, we no longer expect to be able to ship the first Airo wristbands by fall 2014 as initially indicated, the company wrote this week in the email, which Airo Health CEO Abhilash Jayakumar sent to MobiHealthNews.
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Food Label Compass develops regulatory recommendations and guidance to construct labels modified to reflect the new requirements, validate claim opportunities, answers questions on how to comply with the new nutrition information rules and ensures the information is presented in an approved and consumer-friendly manner. WHAT’S MY STRATEGIC ROADMAP FOR THESE CHANGES? The third component develops a strategic roadmap for the client’s product portfolio and brand messaging to position and plan around the new nutrition facts and labels that will effectively communicate to consumers and other audiences about the new nutrition information to ensure brands and foods are perceived and used in the way that is intended.
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RealMeal GF by RealDose Nutrition Discovered by Randy Johnson of – Viable Nutrition Source For Busy People on the Go

Since the site’s origin, Johnson has lost quite a few pounds and a noticeable amount of fat (he has pictures on the website). As his journey continues, he seeks cutting edge nutrition and exercise concepts to amplify his results and perpetuate his improved habits. Johnson first heard about Dr.
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